Barreled asphalt melting plant

1. Drummed bitumen melting, 2. Airtight environmental protection, 3. On barrels by machineaaSave work effort, 4. Container typ - details see:
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:langyiModel Number:DLT8000use:construction industry
Barreled asphalt melting plant
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DLT Series Drummed melting bitumen equipment :

Drummed Bitumen Melting Equipment (Container) is mainly composed by off-barrel tank, elevator, hydraulic thruster and electric control system. The tank is divided into tow room—the upper room and lower room; the upper room is barreled asphalt melting compartment with heating plates and pipes all around; the heading pipe and asphalt barrel exchange heat by radiation to make the asphalt away off the barrel. There are several lead rails to let the asphalt barrel in. The lower room mainly keeps on heating the asphalt out of the barrels to the pumping temperature (100° C); and then heated asphalt is pumped into the high temperature tank by the asphalt pump; if the heating time is extended, a higher temperature can be reached. The elevator is in cantilever construction, lift the asphalt barrel by electric hoist, then move horizontally and put the asphalt barrel on the lead rails; then the hydraulic thruster push the barrel into the upper room; at the same time, at the outlet of the other end an empty barrel is pushed out. There is an oil groove on the platform at the inlet for asphalt barrels to collect the dropping asphalt

The inlet and outlet of the facility are with the automatic spring closure devices; they can close automatically when a barrel is push in or out to reduce heat loss. There is a thermometer at the outlet of asphalt for observing the temperature.

Packaging Detail:Standard packing,Container type transportation
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