Automatic Ultrasonic Syringe Filter Welding Machine

SyringerFilte Welding Machine, 1.ultrasonic: 20Khz,900W,220V-240V ,50-60Hz, 2.Capacity: 50 pcs / min, 3.All kinds filter weld - details see:
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:SOUTH NEKONModel Number:NK-HJ2009Application:FILTER WELDING
Automatic Ultrasonic Syringe Filter Welding Machine
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Automatic Ultrasonic Syringe Filter Welding Machine

How to manufacture new products more quickly than opponents in the fierce competition is the chronic problem to medical filter manufacturers.To effectively address this problem , it will require vendors creatively to cut the product development cycle and select a suitable welding process.

To produce a near-perfect medical filter welding machine requires us from several aspects to make improvements to product development process: from choosing the right assembly method and design a reasonable set of medical filter parts and joint structure to optimize production and operational processes. This automatic ultrasonic medical filter welding machines is a joint of ultrasonic flux and automation , under the expand welding process range to maximum increase business productivity, improve product qualified rate and reduce labor intensity will lead to multiplier effect for enterprises development.

Technical Data of Auto Ultrasonic Syringe Filter Welding Machine:

Model: NK-HJ2009
Ultrasonic Frequency: 20K
Power: 900W
Power supply voltage: 220V-240V ,50-60Hz
Air Pressure: 0.5 kg/cm2
Capacity: 50 pcs / min
Weight: 400 KG
Dimensions: 1600 x 1500 x 2000MM

Features and functionsAuto Ultrasonic Syringe Filter Welding Machine:

1. This ultrasonic syringe filter welding machine is a highly automated machines, it is divided into filtering paper cutting and filter welding two parts, two processes simultaneously: filter paper feeding, material cutting , material collecting are completed automatically. The machine with high precision, less loss of filter paper and will save costs.
At the same time the upper and lower cover feed automaticly, pick and place mechanically, rotary ultrasonic automatic welding, automatic discharge,saving labor and greatly improves production efficiency at the same time to create higher efficiency for enterprises.

2.Rotary ultrasonic automatic welding. Compared with conventional vibration friction welding and heat melting welding , the ultrasonic welding has thefollowing characteristics:
- Fast, welding is usually completed within one second -Clean, because we do not use flux, it will significantly reduce risk of contamination and thus improve product grade;
- Eliminating the cost of use of flux , scrap rate is low, and can repeat the process;
- Ultrasonic welding equipment is suitable for mass production and automated production environment.

3. This ultrasonic syringe filter welding machine systems, electrical configuration and control parts are the original imported parts , controlled by the servo motor , so that the machine under precise and stable status.

4. Mitsubishi PLC program control, simple operation and convenient.

5. The machine adopts aluminum alloy, firmly and beautiful.

Packaging Detail:plywood case
Delivery Detail:45 working days after deposit

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