Automatic Two Eyelet machine

1.apply for footwear,clothing,leather,printing,advertising and the other eyelet riveting.;,;, 3.efficiency, 4.highspeed - details see:
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:ZFModel Number:ZF-521F/D 
Automatic Two Eyelet machine
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Art NO.:ZF-521F/D

Safety: automatic feed button to the upper and lower mold, avoid manual button to mold the risk, safe and reliable.


This machine is applicable to the footwear, all kinds of pressure riveting and belt buckle, luggage, bevel various leather heloma rivet, the use of advanced technology, under the automatic feeding, a riveting. The machine has two green bucket, on the left side of the bottom button, on the right side button, users only need to be classified into designated bin buttons, turn on the switch, the upper or the processing needs of the fabric punching hole, hanging in the bottom die, then stepping on a foot pedal, easily can finish button riveting alloy!


1.the play button beating faster than semi-automatic machines play button4-5 times faster, improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost of enterprises.

2..advanced equipment, automatic clutch, adjustable for singles and hit two button mode, to adapt to different requirements of the play button.

3..die while running, strong pressure, suitable for the thickness of the fabric button.
The installation of the laser orientation light, can accurately indicate the buttoning part, improve the production efficiency, the laser lamp brightness can be adjusted.

4.button pressure adjustment is convenient, for different button and cloth to regulate the proper pressure, ensure the play button binding firmness.

5.automatic buffer device, when the fabric is composed of 2 layers into the 3-6 layer, device automatically, without the need to transfer machines can directly call button (usually play button machine without this feature ).

6.hopper installation of stainless steel plate, with a smooth surface not rub flower button, to ensure the quality of the play button. using high-quality steel, advanced processing technology and special processing method, not easy to rust, deformation, durable, can guarantee the smooth play button.

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