Automatic Hot Air Flex Banner Welding&Welder Machine

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Place of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)Brand Name:ChunLeiModel Number:4000LVoltage:110V/220V
Current:9.5ADimensions:L420mm*W300mm*H240mmWeight:10KgUsage:welding PVC fabric, PE canvas, outdoor poster banner, textile
POWER CONSUMPTION:1.50KW-2.00KWMACHINE VOLUME:L420mm*W300mm*H240mmTIME OF POWER-OFF AUTO:No operation in 15 minutesADJUSTABLE SPEED RANGE(m/min):0-12.0 meters/minute
Automatic Hot Air Flex Banner Welding&Welder Machine
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Automatic Hot Air Flex Banner Welding&Welder Machine

Model :4000L

Detailed description of PVC Banner Welder Machine

The product is designed for seaming painting surface made of heat-fusion material, such as PVC&PE fabric.

It is known to all that the advertising makers usually use the instantaneous glue to bond two separated advertising poster surfaces, such as 502 glue, etc. But the way may have a lot of disadvantages as follows:

1. Releasing the harmful gas into the air when the glue freezes instantly, and it not only destroy the surrounding environment, but also threaten the health of body through the respiratory. The harmful component of the 502 glue may lead to cancer and other disease.

2. There is some weakness on using the glue to join, such as the low efficient, unideal effect and so on. You must have to do some special extra work for getting better welding results. For example, you should polish surface of the PVC&PE fabric in order to make it not smoothed

3. The surface of fabric is crinkled easily, as well as the painting stained easily. Further more, the adhering effect is not stabled, which is always affected by the temperature. The glue is always ineffective in the low temperature environment. So it is very difficult to work and operate and waste much time, increase the cost of working hours, never to say it need a large working places.


To prolong the life length of the heater strip, we strongly advise that you should cool down the machine after working. Be sure to adjust the hot-air blowing rate to maximum before turn off the machine.

To get a better bonding effect, the ground of should be smooth, hard and heat resistant. We suggest that the worker should do some test by joining the sample of the material and get the suitable speed, the suitable temperature and hot-air blowing rate.

Packaging Detail:> By carton>Packaging size :L48cm*W32cm*H32cm
Delivery Detail:2 days after receiving your payment

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