Automatic copper sulphate filter press equipment

Automatic copper sulphate filter press equipment, 1 Design and produce, 2 Sustained operating ability, 3 After sale service - details see:
Condition:NewAutomatic Grade:AutomaticProduction Capacity:480~14900L/batchPlace of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)
Brand Name:BlackstoneModel Number:FP800/FP1000/FP1250Voltage:220~460VPower(W):2200~5500
Weight:2790~24200KGSDimension(L*W*H):4500x1750x1550mmCertification:ISO,CEWarranty:lifetime service
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseasType:Program-controlFilter area:50~500m2Filter plate size:800mm,1000mm,1250mm
Filter cake thickness:30mmFilter plate Qty:38~127pcs  
Automatic copper sulphate filter press equipment
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Automatic coper sulphate filter press equipment

Filter press application...serving a wide range of industries, including;


filter press modelfilter area(m2)size (mm)cake thickness (mm)qty of platechamber volume(L)filter pressure(Mpa)sizeweight (kg)
length (mm)width (mm)height (mm)

Filter plate models:

1 Chamber filter plate

Comparing with the traditional plate and frame filter press, the chamber filter plate has the following advantages:

High pressure, the feeding pressure can reach to 0.6~0.8Mpa, or even much higher.

High efficiency, it can save half time during shifting plates, because of two-in-one design.

Feeding hole is in the center of the plate and it's bigger than traditional plates, so block will not happens easily.

2 Membrane filter plate

On the base of chamber filter plates, membrane filter plate is much more advanced, because it can squeeze filter cake secondly by compressed air.

The slurry can be greatly pressed and the moisture content is the lowest.

The filter cakes is easily formed.

The filter cakes can be easily discharged, so that work efficiency is improved.

3 Gasketed filter plate

This filter plate can perfectly prevent leakage during filtration. embedded the sealing ring into the filter cloth which will be assembled into the plate.It is an effective way to prevent the capillary phenomenon.

Good sealing

Strong acid and alkaline resistant

Long performace life

It is mainly used for some special slurries, such as: explosion-proof, bad smelling, valuable slurries etc... so the gasketted filter plate is the best choice to solve those problems.

Filter plate materials

1 Reinforced Polypropylene filter plate

Advantage of reinforced polypropylene filter plate:

High intensity: it can endure high pressure

Light: easy for maintainance and save freight cost

Good corrosion resistance: it can resist corrosion of acid and alkaline

Inodorous and atoxic: no secondary pollution

Heat resistance: it is able to bear about 100 degree celcius

2 Cast iron filter plate

Advantage: for high temperature more than 100 degree celcius

3 Stainless steel filter plate

special for food industry, herbal tea filtration, etc...

4 Fiber glass filter plate

5 Thermo-plastic elastomer filter plate

Pressing method

1 Hydraulic pressing

It is driven by hydraulic station

Hydraulic cylinder is made by 27SIMn seamless steel pipe. Their precision can up to level of IT8

Pistons are made by steel 45 after surface processing with feature of high hardness, anti-wearing, long life-span

Hydraulic compressing, automatic maintaining pressure

Can endure high pressing pressure, so it can realized best sealing effect

Unique explosion-proof protection technology to make your operation safer

2 Mechanical pressing

It is driven by motor

The unique locknut to ensure reliable and stable pressure maintainance

The automatic control is realized by the motor comprehensive protector

Over-temperature protection

Overload protection

3 Manual pressing

Manual pressing is driven by jack

Easy to operate and maintainance

No need power


It is mainly used for small filter press

Additional function

1 Automatic control system

Controlling one or more additional functions.

wholly automatic program-controlled

DCS remote interface, realized remote monitoring and operation.

2 Auto plate shifting system

Automatically discharge the filter cakes.

Plate shifting system is mechanically controlled and driven by bilateral roller chains.

Easy operation, low noise and simple maintenance.

the filter plates can move back and forth, to make cakes drop automatically

automatic shifting and discharge

3 Leakage and cake collecting system

The system include three parts: collection flas, leakage catcher and guiding conveyor

the system has two function: when the collection flaps is up closed, it can collect leakage to the drip channels on the both sides, when discharge cakes, the collection flaps can be opened down, so that cakes can be collected directly to the guiding conveyor for transport.

4 Storage hopper / cake collector

the cake produced during one or more work sessions can be stored in the cake collector and discharged in one batch when desired. the discharge automated by hydraulic power.

5 Auto cleaning filter cloth system

Wash the filter cloth automatically

Extend the service life of cloth

Save labour forces

Improving working efficiency

6 Quick opening system

To open plates at one time using uinque chaines.


High efficiency

Low maintenance cost

7 Vibrating system

Automatically discharge filter cakes with high viscosity

The discharge of filter cake is further facilitated by the filter cloth vibrating device

which utilizes an air cylinder to cause short travel of filter cloth in vertical direction.

forcing filter cake to fall off.

It saves time and labor force and improving work efficiency.

Packaging Detail:nude in FCL or wooden case in LCL
Delivery Detail:20~30 days

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