ASGA166B Sectional Warper

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Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:HuaweiModel Number:GA166BMachine Type:Warper
Product:WarperMaterial Capabilities:FiberCondition:NewCertification:CE
Application:chemical fiber filament fabric, silk fabric, towel fabric etcWidth:2200mm ~3800mmWeaving shaft disc diameter:800mm 1000mmWarping speed:20~600m/min
Reverse shaft speed:20~120m/minCreel:standard (Can be customized according to customer's request)Braking distance:<3m(400m/min Line speed)Reverse shaft tension:<6000N(50m/min Line speed)
Displacement accuracy:0.001mmThe alignment accuracy:0.1mm  
ASGA166B Sectional Warper
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ASGA166B sectional warper is the machine developed by Sheyang Huawei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. on the basis of ASGA166A warper and by absorbing overseas advanced experience, with significant improvement in guide-bar warping platform, warping rotation, braking, damping, length counting and servo transmission. This machine is designed with AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation system, programmable logic controller(PLC)and touch screen to realize computer-based length counting, equidistant winding, automatic positioning and pairing, which makes this unit more perfect in technology and performance, quality more reliable and operation more convenient.

ASGA166B sectional warper is applicable to sectional warping of worsted fabrics, hard twist chemical fiber fabrics, silk fabrics, glass fibers, loop fabrics and the cloth for special industries; it remains the fabric weaving preparation equipment for diversified high-grade shuttleless looms.

Technical Features
Overall structure. Main unit of this machine is mounted on the ground track and overall framework is controlled by servo motor to move along the track, with beaming unit, sectional reed bracket and the creel fixed; during the warping operation, the band remains unchanged relative to the center of sectional reed bracket and the creel, with even yarn tension.
Warping drum and transmission. Large fixed cone warping drum has been calibrated with high-precision dynamitic equilibrium test. AC variable frequency converter controls AC motor to drive this drum to rotate at constant linear speed, while the warping linear speed and low warping speed could be set with the touch screen.
Displacement of guide bar. Guide bar displacement unit driven by AC digital servo directly receives digital signals from drum sensor and works isochronously in a follow-up manner, featuring fast response and high accuracy. And further, this warper gives up conventional transmission mode by screw or gear rack in terms of servo transmission but drives the driving idler directly, thus avoiding machine’s vibration and reducing the difficulty in equipment installation.
Equidistant winding. Forward and backward movement of the warping platform is controlled by the step driving system; during the warping, this platform moves backward uniformly to keep equidistance between guide roller and yarn surface, thus reducing diffusion of bands, avoiding yarn pressing or yielding and keeping even yarn tension.
Spacing reed. Front spacing reed is mounted on the guide track with slide block, its position could be automatically controlled via the cylinder. In normal operation, the spacing reed is closely against the guide roller, which is favorable to reduce band diffusion; when system stops, it automatically moves back , featuring easy operation.

This warper is applicable to beam warping of all spun yarns and most filament yarns, when used for the latter, it shall be additionally provided with tension roller and static eliminator. It is also suitable for production of dyeing beams(please specify when ordering). It can realize accurate control over beam winding density, warp length, warp arrangement and tension.

Major Technical Characteristics:
1. High speed, large roll, variable frequency speed regulation by AC motor. Stepless speed adjustable , constant-velocity winding. PLC control, length-counting by optical grating encoder, Chinese-language display, easy to operate, stable and reliable.
2. Warp beam is equipped with efficient gas-oil conversion caliper-disk brake system, sensitive and reliable. Braking torque can be adjusted according to the speed; guide roller adopts the electromagnetic brake while press roller adopts the pneumatic expansion brake, featuring instant withdrawal, to avoid wear to yarns, thus realizing efficient synchronous braking of three shafts at the same time.
3. Warp beam is pneumatically hoisted & lowered, with upper beam descending mechanism, featuring safe and accurate centering. It is provided with safety to prevent falling in the case of power failure and gas outage. Control with touch screen, easy to operate.
4. be automatically regulated, which prolongs service life of reed teeth and makes the wound yarn more uniform and smooth. Intermittent air blowing device, interval may be set at ease to maintain reed teeth clean.
5. With parallel compression device, compression is applied with straight guide track to ensure steady and uniform pressure, so as to make warp beam completely parallel with warp compressor and avoid “uneven ends".
6. Pneumatic control

Packaging Detail:wood box
Delivery Detail:3 month

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