Alumina/Al2O3/Ceramic Foam Filter/for Aluminium Casting/INNOVACERA

Al2O3 Ceramic Foam Filter, 1.High porosity, 2.Used in metal casting, 3.High mechanical strength - details see:
Place of Origin:Fujian China (Mainland)Brand Name:INNOVACERAModel Number:INCFF059Materials:Al2O3, ZrO2, SiC
Pore Per Inch:10-60 ppiShapes:Square, Rectangle, Round, TubeApplications:Aluminium, Steel and Iron Casting 
Alumina/Al2O3/Ceramic Foam Filter/for Aluminium Casting/INNOVACERA
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Alumina/Al2O3/Ceramic Foam Filter/for Aluminium Casting/INNOVACERA


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1. Introduction

Ceramic foam filters have the advantages of high prorosity, low loss of thermal shock, high mechanical strength at normal and high temperature, large specific surface, good chemical stability and excellent filtering functions of screen, filtering residum collection and absorption especially for tiny impurity of 1~10um.

The three-dimension structure can improve the cast quality in large scale by changing the molten metal from turbulence flow to lamellar flow, removing the gas and smoothing the casting.

It is not only applied for molten metal filtering in high temperature, but gas treatment in high temperature,carrier of catalyzer, solid heat exchange and advanced filling for chemical industry.

With more than ten years of scientific research and development, INNOVACERA has developed a series of ceramic foam filters which are made of different materials such as Aumina, Silicon Carbide and Zirconia.

2. Ceramic Foam Filter Types

1) Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters
Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters mainly for filtration of aluminium and aluminium alloys in foundries and cast houses. Cleaner metal results in higher-quality castings, less scrap, and fewer inclusion defects, all of which contribute to bottom-line profit.

2) Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters
Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters are used for molten all types of steel like unalloyed, low alloyed, stainless and high-alloyed as well as Nickel and Cobalt-based super-alloys.

3)Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filters
Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filters mainly for filtration of cast iron and non-ferrous alloys.

3. Material Specifications

ColourYellowGrey Blackwhite
Pore density (ppi)10~6010~6010~60
Porosity (%)80~9080~9080~90
Operating temperature(°C)170015001100
Compression Strength(MPa)
Thermal Shock Resistance(1100-20°C)>6 times>6 times>6 times
ApplicationsteelironNon-Ferrous Alloy and Aluminium

4. Pore Density (PPI = Pore Per Inch)

5. Pouring Rate and Filtration Capacity

1) Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters

Dimensions(mm)Dimensions(inch)Pouring Rate(kg/s)Filtration Capacity(ton)

2) Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters

Dimensions(mm)Pouring Rate(kg/s)Filtration Capacity(kg)

3) Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filters

Dimensions (mm)Pouring Rate(kg/s)Filtration Capacity(kg)
Grey IronDuctile IronGrey IronDuctile Iron

6. Usage of Ceramic Foam Filters

7. Storage Condition

Store in a dry and well-ventilated place, keep out of rain and heavy weights.

8. Quality Control/Assurance Standard:

We are ISO certified: ISO9001:2008 ISO14001:2004 OHSAS18001:1999

The constant goal of Innovacera is a superior level of quality and sevice at competitive prices. Particular attention is given to the production of individual customer parts for both large and small runs. We implement a very sophisticated Quality Control process which we have our own customers certify. All parts that pass through our facility are visually and dimensionally inspected as well as calibrated. Our engineering staff is available for counsel and recommendations that will satisfy your ceramic requirements.

9. Packing:

10.Other Products for Foundry/Casting:

1) Mullite Ceramic Pouring Cups (plz check more details about this product in our site)

2) Boron Nitride (ZSBN: BN+ZrO2>99%) Ceramic Transfer Nozzle for Molten Liquid

Superior quality of products with reliance is our prime consideration.

Feel free to contact us if you need any other assistance about our products.

We care and provide what you want!

Packaging Detail:Export Carton / Wooden Box / Pallet
Delivery Detail:15 days after payment

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