air jet loom machine

air jet loom machine, 1>High speed air jet loom, 2>all parts on high level, 3>hot sale size word wide, 4>Pass ISO9001 - details see:
Condition:NewType:Air Jet LoomApplication:weaving cotton fabric with plain weave, twill weave, all fabricsProduction Capacity:500~700RPM
Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:OBTModel Number:OBT-WJA700Dimension(L*W*H):3400MM
Weight:1.8~3.8TONSPower(W):3.0KWCertification:ISOname:air jet loom
Optional width:190,210,230,250,280,340cmInto the latitude rate:2280 m / minInstalled power:1.8KW, 2.5KW 2.8KW, 3.5KW, 4.5KWSize:OBT-WJA700
air jet loom machine
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air jet loom machine

1.The main features:

The design of machine structure is more reasonable, more sensitive to minor changes of tension; makes inch more to maintain certain tension as weft tension changes, eliminating uneven distribution of warp due to stop and restart.

This air jet loom adopts the weft insertion method of combination of fixed main nozzle+swing main nozzle+auxiliary nozzle+double feeler;it is also characterized by such features; double-sided four or six shedding lever beating system, positive cam electric jacquard system(enlarging the production scope of machine), ELO, electric weft insertion, ETU, slow frequency conversion system, auto weft-searching auto-stop upon broken warp functions. It therefore provides more stable performance
This model has advanced design and stable performance, solving problems like stop block, mechanical stop, missing weft and missing warp, suitable to products as grey cloth, light or medium-weight and jeans etc.

Oil bath lubrication is applied in most transmission parts like main powertransmission, let-off, take-up, beating and shedding system. Central oil injection is done to other parts, which prolongs the period of oil injection , more easy for maintenance.

Let-off and take-up system

ELO: electric let-off
Overally yarn tension will be detected by tension sensor, then signal will be processed by CPU, which will control the feeding of warp according to the real-time cloth roll diameter, in the same time, servo motor will controlled to form even tension to eliminate unbalanced distribution of warp and weft in the start run.

ELO: electric take-up
AC servo motor is used in ETU system and controlled by computer which enables it to synchronize with machine and control beating density. Weft density can be set simply on touch screen, no need to replace change gear. What is more, by linkage with ELO, stop block is effectively reduced

Weft insertion device

Electric feeder
Electric feeder is able to weave a wide variety of yarns. It is able to automatically adjust to meet the feeding characteristic, therefore the fluctuation of yarn tension is reduced to the lowest and weft insertion is made more smooth and stable. The optical feeler of two probes is not only able to detect short weft or missing weft, but to detect the occurrence of broken weft and over-long weft.

Auxiliary main nozzle
Weft will be inserted at low air pressure, to prevent damage to weft. therefore, the machine is able to main stable performance during high speed running or super wide weaving situation where weft is easy to get fatigue.

Stretch nozzle
Stretch nozzle is especially useful to process loose-easy yarn. The nozzle works by pressing air to hold weft , instead of getting loose

Man-computer interface design

Big size touch screen is used, easy for operation. Man-computer interface is strengthened. It is able to diagnose existing problem on its own, say, display the reason of stop.

The operator is able to change and type in new setting specification simply on the touch screen.

Shedding mechanism in loom

Different shedding types are available, like positive cam shedding and dobby shedding. Plain, stain and twill fabric. The shedding is clearer, weft passes easily, therefore, production efficiency is increased. Cam gear box is lubricated in oil bath, more stable.

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