Air Filter Cartridge

Air Filter Cartridge for Shot Blasting - details see: //
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:ProwayModel Number:PW3566FRDimension(L*W*H):OD350*660
Machine Type:AbratorCondition:NewIndustry Used:IndustryUse:filter
Air Filter Cartridge
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Dust Collector Filter Cartridge

Applicable to spray painting, sand blasting operations, paint industry, wood processing filter.
1. Imports of long fiber polyester filter material, fiber interlock, widely distributed
2. Abrasion resistance, better able to weather than traditional air pulse filter cleaning
3. Filter material stiffness is good, and can be repeatedly cleaned
4.End caps, the central skeleton parts are galvanized, not rust
5. Special sealed closed-cell flexible neoprene
6. The use of temperature 93°C-135°C

Packaging Detail:Carton Packaging
Delivery Detail:10Days

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