72V dc 150a foc sine wave high power BLDC motor controller

variable speed electric motor controller, 1 CE authentication, 2- sine wave controller for bldc motor or pmsm, 3- programmable - details see: http://www.machineto.com/72v-dc-150a-foc-sine-wave-high-power-bldc-motor-controller-10233731
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:SabvotonModel Number:SVMC072150SIZE: 230mm*m:Weight: 2.2kg
application1:electric bike /electric motorcycle /electric carapplication2:BLDC/PMSM  
72V dc 150a foc sine wave high power BLDC motor controller
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Sabvoton SVMC programmable sine-wave motor controller works with high efficiency, less nosie, and lower energy comsuption, which makes your electric vehicles or electric motorcycles more comfortable and easier to control. Our designed friendly interface of the programmable motor controller makes you set the parameters, conduct the tests, and getting the diagnostic info easily and quickly.

1- wiring diagram

2- programmable interface

3- Parameters

Power supplyDC limiting currentMax phase work currentProgrammable function
72V150A350Anormal brake functionprogrammable
boost functionprogrammable
limited speed functionprogrammable
slide recharge functionprogrammable
electronical brake functionprogrammable
cruise functionprogrammable
reverse functionprogrammable
Magnetic flux weakenprogrammable
automatic match motorprogrammable

4- Performance

1- power supply:72V,Max phase current: 350A ,Max dc curren :150A
2: FOC sine-wave controller applied to brushless dc(BLDC) or PMSM ,it is applied to scooter motor and mini elctronic car
3.minimizing the torque pulsation,achieving non-noise,non-vibration run with great comfort
4.work efficiently,reducing the heat consumption and extending the mileage
5.built-in protection: block protection, over-current protection, over-heat protection ,over-voltage protection and so on,guaranteering the system and driver safety
6.status and fault intelligence management provide the information including the run-mode, fault type and so on ,LED also twinkle in different way to indicate the fault type, all these make the diagnosis and repair easily
7.convenient external interface:reversing ,cruise,ebs,anti-theft and so on
8.parameters and functions can be configurable by computer or mobile phone
9. CAN bus is optional for meter or BMS application

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Delivery Detail:1 week

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