500L 500l stainless steel fermentor lab fermenter

1.Stainless steel material, 2..sterilizable -in -place, 3. excellent stability, 4. convenient to operate - details see: //www.machineto.com/500l-500l-stainless-steel-fermentor-lab-fermenter-10024253
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500L 500l stainless steel fermentor lab fermenter
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5-20000Lstainless steel fermentor

1. Fermentors can be sterilized easily by sterilizable -in -place
2. Large 10.4" colourful simens touch screen simplifier entering set points and provides displays of parameter.
3. Advanced software to make it easy for operation and understanding.
4. Stainless steel vessel, piping and control cabinet has long life
5. Excellent stability and convenient to operate
6. Modular design provide system flexibility
7. Small footprint to minimize space requirement
8. Opening piping frame with plenty of space between valves and piping, make it easy for operation and maintenance

Deyee offers fermentors for microbial culture Applications. It is ideal system for production of bacteria, yeast, enzyme, and fungi, etc in aerobic and anaerobic cultures. This series of products suits for various kinds of microbiology lab, pilot and industrial scale fermentation. User can choose appreciate model according to Client s detail requirement.
Lab scale:5L,10L,20L,30L,40L, 50L, 60L, 70L,80L,90L,100L,150L
Pilot scale:200L, 300L, 400L, 500L,600L,700L, 800L, 900L,1000L,1500L,2500L,3000L,4000L
Industrial scale:5000L,6000L, 7000L,8000L,9000L,10000L…20000L
Special product can be made according to special requirements.


Working volume5-20000L
Filling volume65-75%
MaterialWetted parts are SS316L, and others are SS304. Vertical type with sight glass.
Surface finishInternal surface is 0.28-0.6μm by mechanical polishing, (passivation or electro-polish are optional)
outside surface is 0.4-0.8μm by satin finish.
PressureWorking pressure inside vessel: 0.2mpa
Design pressure inside vessel: 0.25mpa
Working pressure inside jacket: 0.3mpa
Design pressure inside jacket: 0.35mpa
Pressure can be also designed according to client’s detail requirement.
Agitator1.Fermentor use SEW motor reducer
2.top mechanical agitator with two layer six blade impeller, one layer defamer and four baffles.
3.mechanical seal (single or double mechanical seal)
4.speed range: 50-400rpm (it depends on the size of the vessel)
Configuration of vesse1. Using alcohol flame inoculation
2.sterile sampling vale and bottom valve
3.PH, DO, temp. sensor on lower side, side glass, top with foam and level probe, and 12v sight glass with lamp, etc.
One fermentor vessel with one control system (Siemens PLC and HMI)
Operating panelChinese and English version
Main components and controls of system
PH1. On-line check and measure, and digitization fully automatic control;
2.PH, acid and base gang control. Peristaltic pump automatically adjust to feed acid and base;
3.Control range 2-12pH, measure precision±0.01 pH, control precision±0.02 pH;
4.It has auto alarm function.
5.pH sensor and signal transmission line, HAMILTON
DO1. On-line check and measure, cascade with rpm; digital display.
2.Range 0-100% or 0-200%, precision ±1%;
3.It has auto alarm function;
4.DO sensor and signal transmission line, HAMILTON
Foam control1. Automatically control and automatically alarm;
2. Stainless steel electrode check, peristaltic pump automatically add defoamer.
Feed control1. Automatically control and automatically alarm;
2.Stainless steel electrode check, peristaltic pump automatically feeding
Temp. control1.PID fully digitization signal processing, digitization control settings
2.Circulating water automatically control temperature
3.Measure range 0-150°C, control range T+6-60°C,control precision±0.2°C
4.Pt 100Ωtemp. Sensor
5.system with electrical heater to control the temp inside vessel
6.water pump circulation, GRUNDFOS
7.solenoid valve to control
Rotate speed1. Automatically control, with auto alarm function
2. Siemens frequency converter to adjust the speed.
Pressure1 Manually adjusting with pressure gauge and manual valve (standard system)
2. Automatically adjusting with pressure transmitter and PID valve and pneumatic valves (optional)
Air flow1.Manually adjusting with rotor meter and manual valve (standard system)
2.Automatically adjusting with mass-flow meter and pneumatic valves (optional)
3.Air in filter , tail gas filter , with SARTORIUS cartridge, precision 0.2μm
Sterilization1.it can be SIP by connecting with steam
2.Manually control with manual valve (standard one)
3.Automatic control with pneumatic valves (optional)
ControlSiemens PLC, and MCGSE 7"/10" LCD touch screen(HMI) and DEYEE program
PC1.PC with Kingview software for recording function (optional)
2.PC with Siemens remote control and Kingview recording function (optional)
3.printer (optional)

A set pitcure

Control device

Packaging Detail:Plywood case
Delivery Detail:30 working days

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