5.5KW power 250kg electric winch JM 1T wire rope 1 ton windlass lifting machine for sale

1. voltage frequency:general use 380V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ can customized, 2.wire rope:Max 70M, 3.power:5.5KW, 4.rope dia:9.3m - details see: http://www.machineto.com/5-5kw-power-250kg-electric-winch-jm-1t-wire-rope-1-ton-windlass-lifting-machine-for-sale-10096961
Condition:NewPlace of Origin:Sichuan China (Mainland)Brand Name:OnekinModel Number:JM1T
Usage:Construction HoistPower Source:ElectricSling Type:Wire RopeMaximum Lifting Weight:10KN
Maximum Lifting Height:70mLift Speed:16m/minCertification:ISO9001:2000Warranty:1 years
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseastensile force:Rated steel wire rope tensile force for steel wire rope 10knTotal transmission ratio:Total transmission ratio 56.96iSteel wire rope Average lifting speed:Average lifting speed 16 m/min
Winch drum Rotational speed:25.3r/minSteel wire rope Specification:6x19Electric motor power:5.5kwElectric motor Rotational speed:1440r/min
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm:820x810x320Total winch quantity (kg):250kgBrake model:TJ2-150 
5.5KW power 250kg electric winch JM 1T wire rope 1 ton windlass lifting machine for sale
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one kind of winch Structure diagram for reference

1.Motor 2. triangle belt 3.transmission shaft 4.5 gears 6.drum 7. wire rope 8.crown block

9. travelling block 10. crane hook 11. brake 12.13. bearing

Common winch types, winch JK rapid winch and JM low speed winch, tension tonnage according to your need to choose,following listed several kinds of commonly used models for your reference,we also can customized winch meet your speical demands .attach some JM types winch photos.

other types like JM 15-30T,30-50T,also JK series ,JK 0.5T,JK1T,JK 2T,JK3T ,ans so on ,contact me get further details

The major technical parameters for the JK,JM 1 ton winch

Gearbox parameters

Model and


The first stage

The second stage

The third stage




teeth number



Gear teeth number




teeth number

JK 12.518463145141452
JK 12.518463174841452
JM 1218632.516633.51552

if you need other type technicalparameters,ple tell me ,we have detailed parameters of every kinds types

winch operation application and maintenance

electric winch JM 1T mainly used in winding, pull, push, drag heavy objects.

Such as all kinds of large and medium-sized concrete, steel structure and mechanical equipment installation and hoist disassembly. Its structure is characterized by wire rope are arranged orderly, crane installation and reliable, applicable to the wharf, bridge, port, etc. Road and bridge engineering and large industrial equipment installation. Is a way to use external forces (such as motor) drive his operation, and then through the electromagnetic brake and lock brake control its not free running under no power, at the same time after the drive of the motor slowdown, drive a running wheel, wheel can roll of wire rope or other things. Usually widely used in mining, metallurgy, lifting, construction, chemical industry, bridge, water and electricity installation, such as lifting.

Operation and Maintenance

1. Make sure to check every fastening screw before using the winch and open the gear box to add a proper quantity of the HJ-50# gear lubrication oil at the same time. Then operate the machine without any objects lifting to make the oil spread to all the bearings and gears and after that the winch can run to lift objects. The lubrication oil should be renewed every 2 to 3 months and be supplied in time.

2. The low distance trial lifting should be made before elevating goods in order to inspect whether the brake is too tightened or loose. If there is some problems for the brake, make sure to adjust the brake lever screw. The winch is forbidden to suspend in high position for a long time after finishing lifting the goods.

3. Check the ground connection condition before supplying the power in case that electric shock occurs. Cut off the main power when the work finishes.

4. If there is some oil material on the brake pad which decreases the braking function, dry powder (such as dry limestone powder) can be used to recover the brake

5. Check the fastening parts timely to avoid some loose connection which may affect the safety of the winch

6. It is forbidden to clean or to add oil when the machine starts. People are not allowed to stand before the machine or under the goods. Pay attention to the rotation of the machine and keep the transmission parts in good lubrication

7. The steel wire rope winding on the drum should not be less than 3 laps.

8. The winch can only be used to lift goods but not for people.

9. The winch using should not be over its rated pulling force otherwise the user should bear the consequences by themselves.

10. The winch installation must be firm and stable, and the ground should be horizontal and flat.

11. When using the winch motor, cam switch and adjusting resistor can’t be used as speed changing switch but only for the start buffering which is also forbidden to put on the start position for a long time, otherwise the adjusting resistor and the electric motor may be burned down.

Safety Instruction

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