380V AC Electrical Stepper Magnetic Motor

1 protection class:IP55, 2 Insulation class:H class, 3 IEC standard - details see: http://www.machineto.com/380v-ac-electrical-stepper-magnetic-motor-10236821
Brand Name:Saint meilanModel Number:YC Y2 MS MLType:Asynchronous MotorFrequency:50/60Hz
Output Power:0.37-50 kwProtect Feature:Totally EnclosedPhase:Single-phaseCertification:CE,ROHS,UL
AC Voltage:208-230 / 240 VPlace of Origin:Fujian China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 3brand:SML-YL
380V AC Electrical Stepper Magnetic Motor
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380V AC Electrical Stepper Magnetic motor

Three phase Y Y2 MS series

YC seriesheavy-dutysingle-phase motors are suitable for powering small type machine tools and water pumps, specially for family workshops where only single-phase current supply is available. Motors of the series are integrated with up-to-date design, built with the best quality materials and possess the features of pleasant-looking appearance, outstanding performance, easy maintenance and reliable running. The designations, signs and nominal values are all in conformity with I. E. C. Standards.

YC series protected motors are of IP44 totally enclosed fan-cooling type. Rated output is 3HP or below with capacitor starting. Under rated voltage and 50Hz, the starting torque is three times more than the rated torque and 60Hz is more than 2.75 times. Motors for 4HP over are of capacitor start and run type. They all concentrate the advantages of high starting torque, smooth running, low temperature rise, low noise and greater overload performance

Packaging Detail:Standard strong wooden case
Delivery Detail:15 days after order

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