24v dc motor with gearbox brushless coreless motor

24v dc motor with gearbox brushless coreless motor, DC6-48v, up to 20000rpm, low noise, controller option, for power tool, grind - details see: http://www.machineto.com/24v-dc-motor-with-gearbox-brushless-coreless-motor-10237557
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:TopbandModel Number:CB2854Usage:power tools, grinder, medical device.
Certification:CE,ROHS,ISO13485Type:Micro MotorTorque:0.03NmConstruction:Permanent Magnet
Commutation:BrushlessProtect Feature:OtherSpeed(RPM):15000rpmContinuous Current(A):2A
Output Power:15WVoltage(V):24VEfficiency:IE 2diameter:28mm
24v dc motor with gearbox brushless coreless motor
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24v dc motor with gearbox brushless coreless motor

rated voltageV/DC6122430
no-load speedRPM450046001250016000
no-load currentMA200150250400
rated speedrpm340033001120014500
rated currentMA1700123013001.4
rated torqueMN.m20322020
rated output powerW7112330
stall torquemN.m105108.5300350
max efficiency%72747575
terminal resistanceohm0.72.681.421.4
torque constantmNm/A12.724.918.317.9
speed constantRPM/V750383520533


  1. Compact size (About 1/3 size and 1/3 weight of PMDC motor when compared with same power)
  2. Low inertia (For extremely fast acceleration and deceleration.
  3. High efficiency: (Low current consumption and low staring voltage)
  4. Reliability (Operates more quietly, longer services life and low inductance)


  1. Precise long life motors
  2. High efficiency and high torque in a small package
  3. Sizes ranges from 16mm to 35mm diameter
  4. Output power is from 1.0 to 45 watts
  5. Double winding technology
  6. Gearheads, encoders, shafts modifications available
  7. Perfect for battery operated applications
  8. Excellent for use when space is a premium
  9. Size is 1/3 less when compared with an standard type brushed motor of same power


  1. Military Industry – Tracking aiming, missile system and automatic aiming machine
  2. Medical Equipment – X- ray, peristaltic pumps, and ophthalmic tools
  3. Instrumentation – Laser leveling devices, precision balances and gas analyzing device
  4. Security Equipment – Air sampling, camera platforms and electronic lock
  5. Office Equipment – Card readers, scanners and printers
  6. Machinery & Equipment – Robot, electric tools and miniature pumps
  7. Brushless DC Motors are commonly used where precise speed control is necessary. The low inertia, coupled with high peak torque capacity, allows for quick accelerations and decelerations. They also offer advantages in applications requiring high speeds.

Packaging Detail:standard carton box
Delivery Detail:15 days for samples, 35 days for batch

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