2012 the newest CCD black tea sorting machine

Black tea CCD sorting machine:, 1.LED:10-30% of common illumination, 2.sorting accuracy:99.9%, 3.2048 CCD camera - details see: http://www.machineto.com/2012-the-newest-ccd-black-tea-sorting-machine-10029978
Processing:Separater,sorterPlace of Origin:Anhui China (Mainland)Brand Name:jiexunModel Number:DCS-4000T
Processing Types:Tea & Teabagsdimension:2151mm*1798mm*2800mmweight:1050kg 
2012 the newest CCD black tea sorting machine
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2012 the newest CCD black tea sorting machine:

1. It adopts the embedded type operation platform which is usually used in industrial computer.

2. Using 2048 true color CCD linear array camera, recognition accuracy up to 0.08mm, and take machine vision into machine products for industry

3. Using high-speed intelligent image acquisition system

4. Using the most advanced LED optics technique in the world, machine has longer life, better uniformity, more wide color areas, and lower power consumption, the power consumption is only 10-30% for general lighting.

5. The U type channel processed by special technology and feeding system assure good stability and reliability of products

6. The unique up and down structure design combining golden section ratio make more accurate sorting result and less damage ratio.

7. The multi-module communication and process integrating most advanced algorithm routine like tea, direction, margin, etc can successfully remove red stalk, yellow leaf and white tip at a time.

8. The victory of white tip and brand-name and high-quality tea sorting and technology of separating stalk and leaf realized sorting thousands of tea in fact

Model and specification


White tea; green tea; black tea : 220-380kg/h

Pu’er tea, dahongpao: 200-300kg/t

Chun mei: 300-400kg/t

Tieguanyin: 350-450kg/t


Throughput: 350-500kg/h

Power: 2.0kw

Voltage: 380V/50-60HZ

Dimension: 2140*1798*2800mm

Weight: 1160kg.

Packaging Detail:wooden box
Delivery Detail:2-3 weeks

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