1999 Sipro MBL/8/N coil winder

1999 Sipro MBL/8/N coil winder with taping devices - details see: http://www.machineto.com/1999-sipro-mbl-8-n-coil-winder-10368136
Place of Origin:Texas United StatesBrand Name:SiproModel Number:MBL/8/N with taping devices 
1999 Sipro MBL/8/N coil winder
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The MBL/8 has a 125 mm spindle distance. All the MBL series have amaximum operatingspeed of 24000 rpm, but the actual winding speed depends on manyfactors including, wire size, bobbing design and size, etc.

The MBL/8 Winding Machine is equipped with a pneumatic operated load/ unload bar.

The load/ unload bar will handle the bobbins for all 8 spindles positions simultaneously.

The operator manually loads it while other coils are being wound and terminated onthe windingspindles. After the coils are finished processing of the spindles, theoperator activatesthe load/ unload bar. It moves to the spindles positions and removes the8 previouslywound coils from the spindles and replaces them with 8 unwoundbobbins placedin the load/ unload bar by the operator. Then, it returns the wound coils tothe operatorposition for manual unloading and cycle is repeated.

This MBL/8 includes an automatic tapping attachment to apply one or more wrapsof tapeon wound bobbins at all eight bobbins simultaneously. The tapping attachmentis toolingfor one tape width and controlled by programming steps in the winding program.

Thetapingattachment is mounted below the spindles and thus rises up to the coilswhen isactivated. The adhesive side of the tape is pressed against the bobbing winding andthe spindlesturns at a slow rate to wrap the tape around the coils. The spindles stop, thetape iscut and the overlap is pressed against the winding. When complete, the tappingdevice lowersto its home position.




YouTube videos of the machine.

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