16AM Rotary vane air motor

Rotary vane air motor, Steplessly adjustable out put, Undamaged by overloads, Easily reversed, Ideal in hazardous environment - details see: http://www.machineto.com/16am-rotary-vane-air-motor-10238059
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:HONGXINModel Number:HX16AMPower:9.5hp,7kw
Torque:34Nm,290lb.inAir consumption:475m³/h,275cfm  
16AM Rotary vane air motor
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HX16AM Rotary vane air motor

With compressed air as actuation medium,our vane air motor makes use of the expansion of compressed gases,converts pressure energy into mechanical energy.


Flameproof by design.Inherently spark resistant.

Positive starting torque

Variable speed control

Superior reliability in harsh environments

Vane motors are most suitable for light duties and higher speed

A variety of operating conditions can be achieved by utilization of pressure regulators and flow control valves

Can be stalled under load without harm

High life span en low cost price due to the simple design

Inexpensive variable speed control when compared with electric motors

Variety of mountings(eg.Foot,Flange,Horizontal,Vertical,etc)

Technical Parameters for 16AM air motor:

Working dataMax Torque
ModelPowerTorqueSpeedAir consumptionSpeedTorque

Physical Commodities With Different Types:

Packaging Detail:Plywood case
Delivery Detail:15-25Days

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