10 cubic meter -5 to 5 C cold room chiller

1.10 cuibc meter cold room chiller, 2.Mount only 10 minutes, 3.MOQ:1 set, 4.Delivery in 3-4 working days, 5.With refrigeration - details see: http://www.machineto.com/10-cubic-meter-5-to-5-c-cold-room-chiller-10240417
Condition:NewTemperature:-5 to 5CPlace of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name:CRYO SYSTEMS
After-sales Service Provided:No overseas service providedPanel density(kg/M3):40,45Panel length:<=11.5mPanel width:960mm
Panel thickness:60,75,100,120,150,180mmHeat conductivity(W/mk):<=0.029Compressive strength(N/cm2):>=200Tensile strength(N/cm2):>=24.5
Bending strength(N/cm2):>=24.5Water Absorption(g/100cm2):<=3  
10 cubic meter -5 to 5 C cold room chiller
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10 cubic meter -5 to 5 C cold room chiller

1. The 10 cubic meter(353 cubic feet) cold room chiller standard sizes as belows:

Length:2,5m(8,2 feet)

Width: 2m(6,56 feet)

Height: 2m(6,56 feet)

All these sizes should be changed according to customer’s request. But

"Length*Width*Height"should be equal or near to 10 cubic meter(353 cubic feet)

2. 1HP monoblock refrigeration unit is the good match for 10 cubic meter cold room chiller. But should meet below technical condition:

1. Locatd of cold room complete: inside the house

2. Need: window and fresh air for heat transferring

3. Ambient temperature:32 degree C

4. Wall thickness:100mm

5. Input temperature of products should be less than 25 degree C

6. Weight of products put into cold room each day: 250-500kg

3.If the above information have difference comparing with your requirement or real condition. Below some questions will help our companyto calculate the more exactly cooling capacity of refrigeration unit and choose the best models for you


1. Which country and which city the cold room located?

2. Which is ambient temperature(°C)

3. Inside dimension of the cold room?(m)

4. Which Kind of products?

5. The material of cold room panel;(Including the wall panel, floor and roof panel)

6. Thethickness of cold room panel;(Including the wall panel, floor and roof panel)(mm)?

7. Requiredtemperature inside(°C)?

8. How muchkilograms of products put in cold room per once(kg/once)?

9. Originaltemperature of products before put into the cold room(°C)

10. Within how many hours to cool the products down to the request temperature?(12 hours or 24 hours)

11. Cold roombeing installing inside the room or putting outside the house?

12. Whichrefrigerant required for the refrigeration unit?R22 or R404A

Packaging Detail:Strong paper package,will be good for protecting any scratch or damage.For corner,have special package with Cardboard skin;Some accessories with carton package
Delivery Detail:Small cold room only need 3-4 working days delivery time

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