Water-Cooled Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturer

1) water cooled and air cooled, 2) PLC control, 3) application, 4) structure, 5) 8Kw to 3360Kw - details see: //www.machineto.com/water-cooled-industrial-water-chiller-manufacturer-10243556
Condition:newType:Water-CooledPlace of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name:KH
Model Number:KHS-60WST2~ KHS-1190WDT2Voltage:380v/50Hz/3ph; 380v/60Hz/3ph; 440v/60Hz/3phCertification:CEWarranty:18 months
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseascountry of origin:ChinaPayment:T/T;L/Cshipping port:shanghai port
applied range:+25 Degree C ~ -15 Degree Csecondary refrigerant:water; glycol solution  
Water-Cooled Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturer
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*Water-Cooled Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturer description:

Condensing Type: water cooled

Controller: PLC

Application: Injection Molding, Food Industry, Chemical Industry, CentralAir-Conditioner

Structure: one compressor to six compressor, shell tube evaporator, shell tube condenser, air cooled condenser, control system, frame,

Cooling Capacity: 8Kw to 3360Kw

1. The structure of compact, smooth running:
This industrial Water Chiller, evaporator dry using a high-performance heat transfer tube to increase the heat transfer effect, reducing heat exchanger size, host choice of imports of semi-closed high-performance screw compressor, with compact structure, small size, light weight, small installation location and many other advantages. Semi-hermetic screw compressor fewer moving parts, ultra-high-performance 5: 6 compressor screw using the rotor, the rotor is not directly between the wear and tear, high reliability. As the screw machine is a continuous pulse-free compressor, and therefore the performance of generating units with a stable, low noise, small vibration, smooth running characteristics. Efficiency than reciprocating compressors of 20% -30%, has been IS09001 international quality certification in Europe and the United States patents and more.
2. To improve the energy control system:
Units control system has a capacity of 4, energy regulation: [25-50-75-100% (25% to start)]. Can be the basis of changes in load-conditioning unit from the transport to stop and open and effective energy savings. Run-time, computer-controlled cooling system will be based on changes in thermal load to change the unit of energy output. Microcomputer measured by monitoring the actual load and the user's settings to determine the difference signal to promote the rapid slide-valve to the required energy. And in more than one system, to the best of cold output of at least optimize the power consumption mode, not only reflect the full load when the excellent performance, even in part load operation also has a high efficiency.
3. Simple intuitive:
The use of micro-computer unit Programmable Logic Controller (PLC Chinese show), through the operation of the display unit, in accordance with the Chinese on-screen menu to select the whole operation, as required in accordance with guidance and on-screen help information content, directly with your fingers on the touch screen display button to start the unit. Screen can display the operational status of units and can be graphic and textual form the parameters of the two methods showed that at a glance.
4. Microcomputer controller pretection functions:
Compressor coil with high temperature protection, oil pre-heating machine timer switch, water flow switches, water temperature is too low to protect cold water, Y-angle start failure protection, the protection of the exhaust temperature is too high compressor overload protection, power-down memory function, start and stop frequently to protect voltage abnormal protection, low oil level protection, the protection of high and low pressure protection.
5. Microcomputer control controller: (This feature is used for industrial design)
A: From work to monitor and automatically antifreeze with the normal operation of the process "seamless" switching, depending on the capacity of cold-water temperature regulator for the compressor operation, low load capacity control Start with Win client remote function, two-plane rotation function, operation time, cumulative hours of operation, switching from time to time machine, step-down start, the police and other control functions to the output. B: Flow control switch delay (when the air pipe, the flow switch signal output shutdown, resulting in the shutdown unit. C: Winter, energy-saving devices (in the winter, if the outside temperature is lower than the cooling work, do not start the unit output signal to the motor cooling fan, and save the power consumption).

6. Easy to install:
Factory units have been completed in all of the components to install, run tests, and add frozen oil cooling agents, the user can be linked sea and circuits can be put into use, a reduction of site installation and debugging time.
7. Step-down unit with control and unloading on the impact of small power grids, is suitable for automatically stopping the open requesti

Packaging Detail:wooden packageChiller Manufacture
Delivery Detail:40 Days

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