Vacuum tumbler for meat processing/Vacuum meat /sausage tumbler machine/vacuum tumbler

1.Vacuum Meat rolling machine, 2.stainless steel Compact structure, low noise, Smooth operation and maintenance - details see: //
Place of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)Brand Name:KNOWNModel Number:KN-GR100-3200LUsage:All the meat marinator
Power Source:ElectricColor:SilverMaterial:SUS 304 Stainless steelPower:1.1~13kw
Min.size:906*400*808MMMax.size:2750*1540*2360MMVoltage:according to customer country designAutomatic grade:Automatic
Type:Meat Processing Machinery   
Vacuum tumbler for meat processing/Vacuum meat /sausage tumbler machine/vacuum tumbler
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Vacuum tumbler for meat processing 1600L

acuum Meat Rolling machine

1. Brief introduction:

Vacuum tumbling machine is in a vacuum state, he impact of the use of physical principles, so that the meat, meat loaf, or flip up and down in the cylinder to achieve the massage, pickled effect. Pickled meat liquid has been fully absorbed, to enhance meat and water-binding capacity, improve product flexibility and product yield. This machine adopts stainless steel production, reasonable structure, stable operation, low noise, reliable performance, easy operation, equipment usage and high efficiency.

2. Product advantage:

1). Set rolling and kneading total time setting intermittent time rolling and kneading and vacuum

2.) Reverse rolling and kneading; Are turning the material

3. )Intermittent rolling and kneading, enhance the meat to the "Zeng strong product elasticity, and to improve products, prevent slice slice sex generated during the break

4. )The machine USES collective cylinder gib principle since extrusion, rolling and kneading when cylinder turns pieces in extrusion, yearning gib pieces classics ego, mutual extruding, make inferno decomposed into water-soluble protein flesh protein, easy be absorbed by human body, also can make add material (starch, etc) and body protein are unmistakable, to achieve the fleshy tender, taste good, finished out the purpose of the high rate.

5. )This machine adopts the high quality stainless steel, round sealing head rolling and kneading space reasonable design, operation, little noise

6. )The blade of unique design, make circular distributed homogeneously marinade for marinade causes no damage, product tender sex and appearance were improved.

7. )Waterproof computer control users set rolling and kneading machine automatic are turning, intermittent, put gas, vacuum. Make the equipment is really has realized automatic respiratory function

3. Types:


TYPESHost size(mm)Capacity to produced/jarPowerWeight


KN- GR40906*400*80820Kg0.95kw75
KN- GR1001060*600*98050Kg1.3kw95
KN- GR2001400*800*950120Kg2.2kw300
KN- GR3001450*850*950200KG2.2KW350
KN- GR4001410*1020*1640150-200Kg2.25kw480
KN- GR6001500*1020*1640225-300Kg2.25kw520
KN- GR10002000*1020*1640375-500Kg2.95Kw680
KN- GR12002100*1020*1720450-600Kg2.95kw760
KN- GR16002150*1230*2000600-800Kg3.75kw975
KN- GR20002200*1340*2010750-1000Kg3.75kw1090
KN- GR24002350*1340*2210900-1200Kg3.75kw1260
KN- GR28002500*1540*22001050-1400Kg7kw1450
KN- GR32002750*1540*23601400-1700Kg8.5kw1670

Noted: 1.) vacuum degree: 0.04-0.08

2.) Supply voltage: 380V

3.) Roll to rub revolution: 6TPM

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Packaging Detail:Wooden packing to safe machine
Delivery Detail:Delivery goods within 7days after received deposit

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