Three-cylinder dryer

Three-cylinder dryer, 1. ISO9001 certification, 2. Factory quantity: 2, 3.corperated with 2 university, 4. Have technicial team - details see: //
Type:Drum Drying EquipmentPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:LongjiModel Number:Three-cylinder dryer
Color:As your required   
Three-cylinder dryer
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Three-cylinder dryer.Three-cylinder dryer products. dryer

1. ISO9001 certification

2. Factory quantity: 2

3.corperated with 2 university

4. Have our technicial team

5.Design as your required

6. Have experience in offer production line


dry the materials such as ore slag, sand, coal, coal ash, iron power, ore ,quartz sand and so on

1.High technical content, self insulation cylinder body, 80% thermal efficiency (single- cylinder dryer is only 35%), coal saving is 68% than single-cylinder dryer and output increases 100%
2. The length is good for technical layout, 60% shorter than single-cylinder dryer. Also it’s about 20m³area, reducing plant area and saving 40% investment

3.adopt heat resistant and wear resistant steel plate, 4 times wear resistant than the general steel plate, long service time and convenient to maintain.

4. outside cylinder body temperature is below 60°(single cylinder temperature is up to 150°), with low outlet temperature.

5.low outlet temperature is good for keeping long service life.

6.electic consumption reduce 60%

7.adopt roller rotation, without large and small gear

8. hot air stove can support fluidized bed furnace, spray stove, hands burned furnace,applied to below 20mm materials such as lump material, granuler and power materials.

9. output:5-200t/h various specification

Mechanical structure and working principle

Three-cylinder dryer consists of the heat source, feeding machine, rotary drum, discharging machine, induced draft fan, discharge devices, and distribution cabinet. The wet material is put into the dryer after dehydration. The material can disperse evenly and contact fully with the hot air in the dryer through the stirring of the plate which is in the roller. Thus quicken the speed of drying, heat transferring and mass transferring. In the process of drying, the material can be sent out by the star unloading valve which is in the other end of the dryer under the action of the gradient plate and the hot mass. The technological and all equipments' parameter, structure of the production line are being careful analysis and verified by the experiment of drying the bean dregs,We fully take into account the large moisture content, high protein levels, big viscous and adopted a series of unique original technology to solve these problem to ensure a perfect drying results.

Type m

Output t/h

Coal consumption kg/t

Power KW

slagCoal ashClayYellow sand
Packaging Detail:Standerd packing or as your required
Delivery Detail:30 days after deposit

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