SteamHeating Fermentation Tank

Name: fermentation tankWith Agitator and jacketMaterial:SS304 and SS316 - details see: //
Processing:Fermenting Equipment,Fermentation tankPlace of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:HHProcessing Types:Carbonated Beverage
Material:SUS304 or SUS316Polishing:sanitary standard polishing  
SteamHeating Fermentation Tank
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Fermentation tank is used for mechanical mixing and fermentation of matters .This equipment adopts internal circulation to disperse and smash air bubbles by mixing oar ,fast dissolving oxygen ,good in mixing effect .The tank body adopts SUS304 stainless steel .Inside the tank is equipped with automatic sprinkle nozzle , to ensure production process conforms to GMP standard.


Fermentation tank mainly consist of tank body ,mixer,baffle plate ,air distributor ,cooling tube (or jacket ) ,de forming machine ,manhole ,integrated visual mirror and lamp etc.


Product inlet and outlet ,cooled liquid inlet and out let ,liquid level display interface ,temperature sensor interface,PH gauge interface ,pressure sensor interface ,air breather interface, CIP interface ,defoaming electrode interface,flow meter interface ,instrument control system .


1. Fermentation Tank( seed tank, crystallizing tank) is widely applied in pharmacy, fine chemical engineering and biological engineering industries.

The tank body has interlayer and heat insulating layer ( for heating, cooling or heat insulating) .

The tank body,upper and lower closure heads(or taper) all adopt spinning .

R-angle processing. The internal wall of the tank has got mirror polishing with finish Ra≤0.4μm.

2.It has no sanitary dead corner and its wholly-enclosed design ensures that materials are always mixed and ferment at non-pollution state.

3.It is equipped with devices including air respirator, cleaning ball, sanitation inlet , viewing mirror, and viewing lamp.

The fermentation process of Pharmacy, fine chemical engineering and biological products is aseptic and untainted.

4.Fermentation tank adopts aseptic system which helps avoid microorganism pollution in the air and greatly extends quality warranty period and purity of the products.

We specially designed and installed aseptic respiratory air hole or aseptic normal-pressure fermentation system, which can finish circulating heat-up and cooling through medium heat-up and cooling.

The parts that contact materials are all made of stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L. Heat preservation adopts polyurethane blister or pearl cotton.

External surface adopts sand grinding surface polishing treatment.

All is in accordance with GMP standard.

Volume has different specifications ranging from 100-20000L.


Barrel diameter(mm)Φ800Φ800Φ900Φ1000Φ1000Φ1000Φ1200Φ1300Φ1600
Barrel height (mm)60080080080010001220122015001500
Motor power(kw)0.550.550.750.750.750.751.52.23
Mixing speed (rpm)


Working pressure


Working temperature


Basic accessories

Manhole ,cleaning ball,safety valve,pressure gauge

Packaging Detail:standard wooden case
Delivery Detail:7 work days

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