Seawater Desalination Water treatment

1.Design according to customers' requirements .2. PLC controller, 3.High quality components, 4.Easy installation & Maintena - details see: //
Processing:Fermenting EquipmentPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:BCModel Number:BCSCL
storage capacity GPD(T/D):2200(8.3)Processing Types:Water  
Seawater Desalination Water treatment
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Seawater Desalination Water treatment

10000L/hr drinking water treatment equipment, RO drinking water treatment plant, water filtration system

Reverse Osmosis drinking water treatment equipment, RO water treatment plant with

10000 liters per hour capacity.Design scope:1. to treat water with high TDS inlet.2. to meet anti-scalant purpose3. to automate the backwash and starting system4. to suit the shipping containerFeatures:1. Fully automatic PLC control starting system2. With compound FRP quartz sand and active carbon filter to save space3. With Chemical dosing systemSpecifications:1. Feed water delivery pump: CDL16-30, China made special water pump, water flow:

16M3/hr, lift 30 meters2. Multi-phases pump: CDL16-120, China made pump,water floe 16M3/hr, lift:120m3. Compound filter FRP vessel with automatic backwash control unit: diameter 1200mm

x 2000mm with sand filters: 2000Kg, active carbon filter: 750Kg.4. Micron pp sediment filter stainless steel 304 vessel: diameter 400mm x 1000mm

with 40" pp filter 11PCS

5. RO membrane and housing system, RO membrane: FILMTEC BW30-400 type, 8040-3 FRP

membrane housings: 3PCS

6. Chemical dosing system and membrane washing tank and metering pump system7. PLC control system and wiring system8. Piping connecting system

The RO’s are complete, pre-engineered proven designs that produce consistent high quality water in flow rates up to 360000 GPD. The systems feature simple user-friendly controls, rugged construction, easy access for maintenance and installation.

The systems can be supplied with several options that will help reduce energy, reduce the amount of water required for operation and even provide for water recycling.Some of these options are:

  • Low energy membranes (100-150 psi)
  • High water recovery operation (depending on feed quality)
  • Output controlled operation with variable speed drive
  • Reject water recovery and reuse systems

Standard Features

  • 5.0 um multi-cartridge pre-filter
  • Automatic inlet shut-off valve
  • Multi-stage centrifugal pump
  • Two flow meters
  • Programmable auto-flush feature
  • PLC system control
  • Clean-In-Place ports

Materials of Construction

  • Frame: Stainless steel 304 or Powder coated steel
  • Membrane Elements: TF Polyamide
  • Membrane Housing: FRP
  • Low Pressure Pipe: UPVC
  • High Pressure Pipe: Stainless Steel
  • Pump: Stainless Steel

Operating Parameters

  • Operating Pressure: < 300 psig
  • Maximum Recovery: 60% - 75%
  • Nominal Rejection: 95-99%
  • Operating Temperature: 2-35 oC
  • Minimum Inlet Pressure: 30 psig
  • Design Temperature: 25 oC

Additional Options

  • Optional VFD systems
  • Feed Water ORP
  • Feed Water pH
  • Clean in Place (CIP) Unit
Packaging Detail:container
Delivery Detail:25 days after payment

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