Sausage grill machine for sale

1.Four-head Environmental Roaster, 2.Easily operating, 3.Elegant appearance, energy saved, 4.Easily cleaning - details see: //
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:DisenModel Number:K222-21Name:Sausage grill machine for sale
Size:580*400*180mmMOQ:1 setVolume:0.051Application:Any country and region
Packing size:595*440*195mmweight::11KGUse:Chickens, ducks,etc,Chicken wingsWarranty:one year
Model:K222Type:Meat Processing Machinery  
Sausage grill machine for sale
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Product Description
Four-head Environmental Roaster


Model K22 (luxury), K222 (Standard)

Volume: 0.051

G.W: 11KG

Size: 580*400*180mm

Packing size: 595*440*195mm

Packing: 548pcs=1 container


Stainless Steel shell, quartz glass over ( luxury )

Sprayed shell, standard cover (standard)


Used to roast different roasting food

Easily operating and safety usage

Elegant appearance, energy saved

Easily cleaning, fire controlling optional


1.Four-head Environmental Roaster
2.Easily operating
3.Elegant appearance, energy saved
4.Easily cleaning


  1. Connect the roaster with the LPG
  2. Put some water into the residual basin to avoid drying
  3. open the LPG master valve, and turn on the burner
  4. when roistering, avoid drop oil on the glass or the standard cover
Product Images

Sausage grill machine for sale

Sausage grill machine for sale

Sausage grill machine for sale

Sausage grill machine for sale

Sausage grill machine for sale

Sausage grill machine for sale

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Product Related Information
Installing and using method
1, before use, should check whether the connection of bottled liquefied petroleum gas pipeline and is connected firmly before use.
2, to slag pool into the appropriate moisture, keep a certain amount of water, prevent dryness.
3, open the gas valve, press and rotate left electronic ignition, ignition burner should be let go, adjustable firepower size.
4, after use, should close the ignition switch and air switch.

The matters needing attention and repair items
1, transit handle with care, not inverted, pressure, vibration, so as to avoid damage.
2, gas barbecue stove series are the use of low pressure valves, medium pressure valve high pressure valve or banned.
3, found leaking, should immediately turn off the gas valve, and can repair department repair before use.
4, barbecue, should avoid the oil droplets in glass or stainless steel porous plate, otherwise it will produce a certain range.

Cleaning and maintenance
1, cleaning and maintenance should be closed electronic ignition switch, to prevent the occurrence of accidents.
2, when cleaning, the curved glass and residual basin in addition to cleaning, use a wet towel to wipe the surface of the stove.
3, a steel needle check microporous ceramic fire board whether has blocked the phenomenon.
4, to avoid direct cleaning stove head, head impact furnace service life.

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Packaging Detail:carton first the with wooden frame,Size:595*440*195mm,weight:11kg,chicken rotisserie
Delivery Detail:three days

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