QJ paddle dryer

Paddle dryer is successfully applied in foodstuff, chemical, petrochemical, dyestuff, and industrial mud etc. - details see: //www.machineto.com/qj-paddle-dryer-10287089
Condition:NewType:Drum Drying EquipmentPlace of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:Ligan
Model Number:QJ3/9/13/18/29/41After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseasMaterial: SS304/SS316/Carbon steel:Certificate: ISO9001:2008Heat transferring area m2: 3-110:Effective volume m3: 0.06-9.46
Power of motor: 2.2-95:Width of vessel mm: 306-2210Length of vessel mm: 1956-6122:Steam inlet (inch): 3/4-2  
QJ paddle dryer
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The paddle dryer for drying or cooling of paste, particle, powder and slurry state of material, perform the process of drying, cooling, heating, sterilizing, reacting and combustion under low temperature. The special stirring and heating transferring blade, makes high heat transferring efficiency, and provide self-cleaning function. The special chock shaped stirring and heat transferring blade has high heating efficiency and self-cleaning function of the heating transferring surface.

Hollow chock shaped blades are concentrated on the hollow shaft. Heat media flow through the blade from the hollow shaft. The heat transferring area in the effective volume is very high. The temperature range of heating media is -40°Cto 320°C. It might be steam, or liquid state, such as steam, thermal oil etc. Indirect heating, there's no heat carried out by air. All heat is utilized for to drying the material except the lost of heat insulation layers. The surface of chock shaped blade has self-cleaning function. The relative movements of the product particles and the chocked shaped surface might clean the material attached to the chock shaped surface, so to keep the cleanliness of heat transferring surface during working. The shell of hollow blade dryer is Ω shape. 2 or 4 pieces of hollow stirring shaft are usually equipped in the shell. To avoid any leakage of material, there're sealed terminal cover and top cover with the shell. The heat transferring media flow through the rotation connector, jacket's shell and hollow stirring shaft. To ensure best transferring effect, the hollow stirring shaft adopts different interior structure in accordance with different heating media.

1. The heat consumption of blade is low;

2. The cost of the blade dryer is low;

3. The range of material to be processed is wide;

4. The pollution is less: Without any carrying air, very few powder is carried out;

5. The operation cost is low;

6. Steady operation: The material particles fully contact heat transferring surface, because of the special compressing and swell-stirring effect of the chock shaped blade. The difference of the temperature, humidity and mixing effect are very small in the different axial area, so to ensure the stability of process.

The blade dryer is successfully applied in foodstuff, chemical, petrochemical, dyestuff, and industrial mud etc. The heating transferring, cooling and stirring characters enable it to perform the following unit operation: combustion (low temperature), cooling, drying (recovery of solvent), heating (melting), reacting and sterilizing. The stirring blade is heat transferring surface too, so to increase heat transferring area of unit effective volume is increased, and decrease processing time. The chock shaped heat transferring surface has self-cleaning function. Compressing and swell-stirring functions make the material mixed uniformly. The material performs the movement of "piston flow" along the shaft. The difference of the temperature, humidity and mixing effect are very small in the different axial area. The blade dryer is capable to perform combustion under low temperature if we adopt thermal oil as heating media.

Technical parameters

Heat transferring area m2391318294152688195110
Effective volume m30.060.320.591.091.852.83.965.216.438.079.46
Range of rotating speed r.m.p15-3010-2510-2510-2010-2010-2010-2010-205-155-155-10
Power kw2.245.57.511153045557595
Width of vessel mm3065847629401118129614741652182820322210
Total width mm736841106613201474167618542134118624382668
Length of vessel mm19562820304833284114472452585842602061246122
Total length mm29724876548659186808757083069296967897049880
Distance of material inlet & outlet mm17522540276830483810442049545384556256645664
Height of center mm38038053461076291510661220122012201220
Total height mm762838109212701524177820322362246425662668
Steam inlet “N”(inch)3/43/4111111/211/211/211/22
Water outlet "o" (inch)3/43/4111111/211/211/211/22

Packaging Detail:Exported plywood case
Delivery Detail:30-35days

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