mining drum drier equipment for ore drying

mining drum dryer equipment:, 1.durable work, 2.wide range of applications, 3.low flow resistance, 4.simple operation - details see: //
Type:Drum Drying Equipment,drum dryier equipmentPlace of Origin:Jiangxi China (Mainland)Brand Name:JXSCModel Number:mining drum drier
usage:drying iron ore,titanium ore,quartz sand ,coal,slag,etcapplication:beneficiation,ore dressing,ore preparation equipmentprocessing capacity:0.5-35t/hcertificate:ISO9001-2000
warranty:1 year(wearing parts excluded)installation:under guidanceafter-sale service:for whole using lifepower:3-55kw
color:as your request   
mining drum drier equipment for ore drying
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Product Description:
We set the mining drum dryier equipment of effective engery-saving based on the successful experience of similar products at home and aboard. This mining drum dryier as one of our main products has achieved the top level interiorly..It's mainly used for the drying of coal, iron ore,titanium ore,quartz sand and other minerals of certain humidity.drum dryier adaptablity of materials generally suitable for granule and massive and can be also use for the mixture of sticky paste-like materials or materials with high moisture cotent, especially for the drying of slag.
The advantages of mining drum dryier equipment are large capacity,wide range of applications ,low flow resistance, large operating fluctuation and simple operation.

The technical parameter for our mining drum drier:

How it woks:
Slag from the belt conveyor or bucket elevator hopper sent, then the hopper feeder feeding through into the feeding pipe. Feeding tube inclination angle is greater than the natural material, material benefits will flow drying machine of mine. Dryer cylinder is a horizontal rotating cylinder slightly into the slope. Material over a join, heat carrier from a low income, and material into countercurrent contact with a heat carrier and the material together and flow into the cylinder. With the rotating cylinder by gravity to a more material one end. Wet material in the cylinder body to move forward Process, directly or indirectly, of the heat carrier, and so wet material was dried, and then discharge belt conveyor or screw conveyor sent. Dryer in the mine (sand dryer) cylinder wall with the body copy board, its role is to further sow the material copied up to the contact surface materials and air flow increases, provided drying rate and the material before. Heat carrier are generally divided into hot air, flue gas and so on. Dryer heat carrier, the general need within the gas cyclone brought down trapping materials. For further reduction of exhaust gas dust content, should be Bag filters or wet dust emissions before release. Mine material dryer device system in the Young made many technical innovations, combined with a new multi-material devices Yang, overcoming the traditional dryer "wind tunnel" phenomenon, high thermal efficiency, coal consumption by about 20% . For various combustion furnaces: high temperature furnace, furnace coal grinding powder and artificial increase coal stove. Column gear profile can change gear using pin to replace the traditional steel gear, cost investment, but also greatly reduces maintenance costs and time.

Packaging Detail:standard container,seaworthy packing
Delivery Detail:Within 10~15 working days after the down payment

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