Hot Sale 4-burner Gas Shawarma Machine For Sale(ZQ-794)

4-burner Gas Shawarma Machine For Sale, 1.good looks, 2.easy to use, 3.have 4 layers - details see: //
Condition:NewType:ShawarmaApplication:cooking equipmentAutomatic Grade:Automatic
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:zhengqiModel Number:ZQ-794Voltage:220V/50Hz
Power(W):50Dimension(L*W*H):560x630x1280mmCertification:CEWarranty:one year
color:siliveheat flux:24kw/h  
Hot Sale 4-burner Gas Shawarma Machine For Sale(ZQ-794)
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Hot Sale 4-burner Gas Shawarma Machine For Sale(ZQ-794)

1. Good looks.
2. Easy to use.

3. Using infrared burner

4. Has a complete combustion, heat quickly, save energy, reasonable structure, convenient operation, etc.

5. Chamber can be arbitrary mobile, convenient adjusting the distance of the barbecue food.

Product parameters

heat flux24kw/h

Transportation and storage

In the course of carriage, the stove should be handle with care, avoid violent vibration, shall not be inverted. Packaged stoves generally should not be in open air for a long time, should be placed in ventilated, non-corrosive gases warehouse. Need in open air temporary, rainproof measures should be take.

Installation position and the matters needing attention

1, the installation location and requirements

Α. users need to be near the device fixed power lines, shall be equipped with a contact to open a distance of 3 mm or more full a disconnect device and electric leakage protection switch: switch before are not allowed to pile up sundry, for safe operation.

B. Power supply voltage of the equipment shall be consistent with the rated voltage of the product nameplate, power supply voltage fluctuation is plus or minus 10%.

C. This equipment ground wire (yellow green line) with the power cord leads, the ground should conform to the safety in the performance of the ground wire and fixed power supply line and reliable connection, ensure the electricity safety.

D. If the power supply cord is damaged, must use YCW type or YZW type oil resistant and with yellow green double color ground cable to replace.

E. Installation should be holds the professionals to install electrician certificate, please.

F. Do not put the flammable objects on the furnace, otherwise may cause burning of fire accident.

G. This appliance is not prepared to physically weak, slow response or people with mental disorders (including children) to use, unless the guidance of the liable for the security personnel or with the help of safe use. Children should be supervision to ensure that they don't play instruments.

2. Gas components installation requirements

A. This equipment should be used in a well ventilated place, and away from non-combustible material (wall) more than 10 centimeters, in case of fuel processing, should be done to meet the requirements of fire protection.

B. This equipment is used in air supply and air supply of the nameplate of the same.

C. The stoves use pressure rated for (refer to the technical parameters), high (middle) pressure regulating valve, is strictly prohibited to prevent damage to the burner and pipe, to ensure safe use.

D. Use bottled liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the cylinder and the distance from the stove should be greater than 3 m.

E. In after the installation, should be checked for air tightness, not leak, can put into use, the leakage is found, immediately shut off the valve, open the window, strengthening ventilation, on and off the power supply and ignition, are strictly prohibited to repair well before using.

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