HITACHI 4206098 air filter

Excellent welding technique. The welding mesh doesn't scratch your finger, it is very smooth. - details see: //
Condition:NewEfficiency:95%Construction:Cartridge FilterFiltration Grade:Hepa Filter
Medium Material:PaperPlace of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:MEIXINModel Number:MX-633A
Dimension(L*W*H):Height:270(mm) End 1OD:253(mm) End 1OD:201(mm) End 1 ID:133(mm) End 2Certification:ISO/TSAfter-sales Service Provided:Overseas service center availableApplication:EX100 EX100W EX120-5 EX130
HITACHI 4206098 air filter
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HITACHI 4206098 air filter

Air filter knowledge

The replacement cycle of auto filters

Auto filters are divided into air filter, fuel filter. Generally, they should be replaced every 5000kms, and the air conditioning filter is replaced every 10,000kms. An air conditioner filter above its service life and will be completely blocked pollutants. So it must be replaced periodcally. Not timely replacement of air filters will seriously affect the fresh air circulation in the car, and drivers will be easy to feel tired. The windows will easy be atomized. Driving safety and confort are greatly reduced.

The function of the air filter

For a sound operation of the engine, there must be a lot of pure air is inhaled. If harmful substances(dust, colloid, alumina, acidification iron, etc) in the air are inhaled into the engine, cylinder and piston assembly will increase the burden, making cylinder and piston components abnormal wear than would mix with engine oil, and more substantial wear is possible, which may result in the deterioration of the engine performance, shorten the engine life, and prevent engine wear. At the same time, air filter obtains silencer function.


OEM NO.: HITACHI 4206098

APPLICATON: EX100 EX100W EX120-5 EX130


4417516 4423981 4001430 4290940 4326841 4206098 4207841 4129907 4244607 4283861 4287060 4286128 4286130 4208630 4163738 4288963 4288964 4208630 4163736 400130 4129907 4129905 4146999 4100806(2) 4059818(2) AF25436 AF25497 AF25352 AF25485 4239549 4459548



AF25551 AF25436 AF25497 AF25589 AF25624 AF25384 AF25413 AF4567 AF490M AF25492 AF25493 AF25129M AF25130M AF25414 AF25412 AF25667 AF26114 AF25437 AF25523 AF25454 AF25468 AF26439 AF4838 AF4896 AF434KM AF804M AF1934M AF1935M AF25268 AF25269 AF437K AF4887KM AF25444 AF4748 AF25352 AF25485 AF490M AF1862M AF1863M AF1934M AF1935M AF25009 AF25443 AF25552


OEM NO.: 600-181-6430 600-185-3100 600-185-3200 600-185-4110 600-185-4120 600-181-6820 600-181-6730 6131-82-7010 600-181-8360

600-181-2700 600-181-8230 600-181-7300 600-181-9470 600-185-2110 600-185-2120 600-181-1600 600-181-1660 600-181-4400 600-181-4400S YM12112012901



End 1OD:253(mm)

End 1OD:201(mm)

End 1 ID:133(mm)

End 2 ID:23(mm)

Competitive Advantage:

Packaging Detail:standard export package or as customers requested.
Delivery Detail:around 20 days after receiving the deposit.

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