Cryogenic Tank For Liquid Gas

Cryogenic Tank For Liquid Gas, 1.Humanized,Safety, 2.Durable quanlity for cryogenic storage tank, 3.ASME, 4.Messer,airliquid - details see: //
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:BuranModel Number:CryogenicUsage:Oxygen
Production Rate:30   
Cryogenic Tank For Liquid Gas
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Cryogenic Tank For Liquid Gas

Product Highlights

  1. Inner Vessel ----stainless steel for cryogenic temperatures with optimized design for light weight.
  2. Outer Jacket----carbon steel outer with a combined leg and lifting lug system designed for safe transport ,easy lifting and low cost erection.
  3. Insulation a proven high quality vacuum- perlit system ensures long term vacuum performance, backed by a 3 years warranty on vacuum integrity.
  4. Cryogenic Tank For Liquid Gas Piping----stainless steel piping for reliability and durability; ergonomically designed layout with flow diagram and gauges at eye level..
  5. Valves----modular configuration bronze valves with welded-on connections (other valves, such as stainless steel and/or screw-on connections are optional)
  6. Pressure Control---an easily adjustable multifunction regulator serves as pressure regulator, economizer and check valve, An aluminum pressure building coil is standard, Other types of PBUs, including high capacity PBU or stainless steel core vaporizers are optional.
  7. Instrumentation----high quality pressure gauge and differential pressure contents gauge are standard with optional switches, transmitter and /or telemetry unit.
  8. Safety---tanks are equipped with dual relief valves with a variety of options, including additional relief valves and /or rupture discs, Easily accessible valves and safety relief valve outlets directed away from the operating area.
  9. ASME Design--- Buran has been awarded ASME certificated, which is widely accepted all over the world. Cryogenic Tank For Liquid Gas

10. Pump Options--- thermosiphon tank with pump connection is available as an option.

11. Cleanliness---all tanks and their components are cleaned and certified for oxygen service.

12. Out Finish---high grade of stand-blasting and rust-removing, painting with standard durable corrosion resistant epoxy-polyurethane with paint.

13. Transport—rugged internal supports for safe transportation by road, rail or sea.

Major Clients: Messer, Airliquid, Airproducts,yinde

Packaging Detail:Standard Export Packing
Delivery Detail:100 days after receiving your prepayment

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