aluminum machining prototype

1. aluminum prototype, 2. aluminum machining prototype, 3. aluminum milling parts, 4. aluminum punching parts - details see: //
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:VOWINmaterial:Aluminumsurface treatment:anosizing
tolerance:+/- 0.05mm   
aluminum machining prototype
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Our company VOWIN mainly make prototype and mould. we can make it with different machine, like CNC, lathe machine and milling machine and sand blasting machine and others.

we can also make it with different metal and plastic ABS, PP, POM,PC,PMMA and ALUMINUM,STAINLESS STEEL, BRASS, STEEL and so on.

Belowing are some of our services:

1. Electronic, digital camera , DVD/VCD ,MP3/4 , Coffe oven, hair dryer, LED light case and so on
2.Medical devices, BUltrasound scanner case, Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging case, and etc
3. Telecommunications, micro speaker, phone protyper, computer, video and etc
4. Autoparts, like dashboard, car lamp, bar,Automobile and motorcycle
5. Household appliance, Rice cooker, Air conditioner, Induction cooker, TV, Fanshower and etc.
6. Kitchenwares,Crafts, Perfume bottle, Lighter,Kitchenware, Cookie molds, Utensil handle, Coffee
glass prototype, and etc
7. Toys, Game handle/controller, Toy plane and etc.
8. and etc....

Packaging Detail:wooden box
Delivery Detail:5-8 days

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