500L-10ton per day Capacity Beer Brewery Machine

500L-10ton per day Capacity Beer Brewery Machine - details see: //www.machineto.com/500l-10ton-per-day-capacity-beer-brewery-machine-10023737
Processing:Fermenting EquipmentPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:HBModel Number:HB-S3
Processing Types:BeerMaterial:Stainless Steel  
500L-10ton per day Capacity Beer Brewery Machine
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Company introduction:

We are a professional manufacturer of Brewery lines in China. Our business scope including complete brewery line design consulting& components supply for industry breweries and microbreweries. We could supply different brewery lines according your special configuration needs or supply components according your requested designed configurations. Due to the competitive cost in designing, fabrications, procurements and after sales services of China, our brewery lines are more and more popular for the customers both at home and abroad.

Product description:

1)Raw Materials Pretreatment Department;

2)Mashing Treatment Department;

3)Cooling Treatment Department;

4) Fermentation Treatment Department;

5) Filtering Treatment Department;

6) CIP Treatment Department;

7) Beer distribution Department;

8)Electric controlling Department.

Business Partner Wanted:

We are finding business partners all over the world to sell our brewery lines. If you are interested in this brewery industry scope of business in your local place, please contact us for any further information you may need.

Configuration Sample List:

Compete Brewery Line Main configuration List
The following configuration is a general components formation for one complete brewery line, the daily capacity including 50L/day, 100L/day, 200L/day, 300L/day, 500L/day, 10HL/day, 20HL/day, 30HL/day, 50HL/day, 10HL/day , and even above 10HL/day, more details for the different daily capacity, pls send e-mails for a quotation list of every single line.
1) Raw Materials Pretreatment Department

1 Elevator
2 Mill machine
3 Cleaning and sterilizing tank
4 Raw water pretreatment equipment
2) Mashing Treatment Department

1 Mashing& boiling tank
2 Mashing & lauter tun
3 Hot water tank
4 Wort pump
5 Pipelines & valves
6 Plate Heat exchanger
7 Bimetal thermometer
8 Mashing operation platform
3) Cooling Treatment Department

1 Ice water tank
2 Alcohol water mixture tank
3 Refrigerating unit
4 Circulating pump
5 Pipelines & valves
4) Yeast propagation facility

1 High pressure sterilizing pot
2 Biochemical Incubator
3 Super cleaning platform
4 Wort sterilization tank
5 Yeast propagation tank
5) Fermentation Treatment Department

1 Fermentation tank
2 Yeast adding tank
3 Oxygenate charging device
4 Pipelines & valves
6) Filtering Treatment Department

1 Kieselgur filter
2 Bright beer tank(BBT)
7) CIP Treatment Department

1 CIP device
2 Moving washing pump
3 Caustic tank
4 Sterilization tank
8) Packaging Treatment Department

1 Bottle washing machine
2 Filling machine
3 Beer sterilizing machine
4 Labeler
5 Bagging machine
9) Beer distribution Department

1 Beer dispenser
10) Electric controlling Department

1 Electrical controlling cabinet
11) Other necessary equipments

1 Accessories
1 Pressure gauges
2 Sampling valve
3 Air exhaust valve
4 Butterfly pipeline & valve
5 Ice water electromagnetic valve
6 Food grade tube
7 water hose
8 Ironclad thermometers
9 T-Type thread changing diameter
10 Butterfly rubber seals
11 Lees out harrow
12 Measuring cylinder
2 Laboratory equipments
1 Brew house Saccharometer 1
2 Brew house Saccharometer 2
3 Chem. laboratory thermometers
4 Laboratory thermometers
5 Porcelain plate
6 Glass bottles
3 Fermentation room accessories
1 Yeast scoop
2 yeast storage vessels
3 Yeast dosing bucket
4 Spray damper
Packaging Detail:Wrapped with black cotton or with plastic paper firstly then outside by iron frame.
Delivery Detail:30~180 DAYS

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