High quality and cheap Lanos thermal flexo CTP machine

High quality thermal flexo CTP machine, -flexo plate imaging, - letterpress plates, -PS plate - details see: http://www.machineto.com/high-quality-and-cheap-lanos-thermal-flexo-ctp-machine-10072448
Condition:NewType:Image SetterAutomatic Grade:Semi-AutomaticPlace of Origin:South Korea
Brand Name:Lanos flexo ctpAfter-sales Service Provided:Overseas third-party support availableletterpress:99 000$flexo ctp:99 000$
High quality and cheap Lanos thermal flexo CTP machine
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• Maglev trains use high-precision Motion Control Technology
• Skillful use of self-development of the optical laser system technology
• Directly drive drum to rotate
• Embedded System
Core technology
• Consider of account the printing operating environment, designed for operation rate
• Maximize space utilization

Laser generating device and control technology, 405nm~830nm Infrared generating device and control technology,RF control and On-site control, nw units precision and fine output control, and polymerization technology in mw unit, By Optical Multi-Laser Head 64, 128 channels segments dispersed to achieve high- speed data transfer
Transmission control and precision multi-axis control technology, Axis control and precision transmission of motor control for the nw units , Automatically identification of the motor rotation speed and automatically generate data technology.

Image data and text transmission technology, high-speed data transmission technology and instant control of the image, image file compression transmission technology, RIP(Raster Image Process) data analysis and Blind spot reproduction technology,which is make the individual or generic data to be the certain signal, in turn control, to achieve natural of blind spot reproduction technology,Data separation technology and 32, 64, 128 channels Data disperse transmission and Receiving Data Merging technology.




working condition

External drum φ212/666(drum)

Front & Rear Manual loading

Variable plate thickness, Auto focus adjustment

Remove the particulates by suction hole

High Power Fiber Laser Source. 20W~35W

Flexo Digital Plate,LetterPress Digital

max. 600Dx 420Wmm

0.15mm ~ 2.5mm

2540 dpi(100ppm), 175lpi

max. 600Dx 420Wmm/hr/4.5Plates

1Bit TIFF file

Width: 986mm

Depth: 730 mm,

Height: 1,130 mm

350 Kg

Single phase AC 220 V 30A 50Hz/60Hz

Ethernet 100/1000BASE TX

20°Cto 30°C; 20% to 70% relative humidity, non condensing

Packaging Detail:standart ctp packaging
Delivery Detail:2 weeks

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